Sales & Operations Planning
Data Analysis and VisualisationSupply Chain Optimisation

Guide clients in implementing effective S&OP processes that align sales forecasts with operational plans. Assist in creating cross-functional collaboration, establishing performance metrics, and ensuring continuous improvement. 
Utilise our expertise to analyse large datasets, draw meaningful insights, and present them in visually compelling dashboards and reports. By presenting data in a user-friendly manner, our clients can easily understand complex information and make informed decisions. 
Help clients optimise their supply chain operations by identifying areas for improvement, streamlining processes, and reducing costs. This may involve analysing inventory management, logistics, demand forecasting, and supplier performance. 
Business Intelligence Strategy DevelopmentOrder-To-Cash Process ImprovementData Governance

We assist clients in designing and implementing a comprehensive business intelligence strategy aligned with their overall business goals and objectives. This includes identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), data sources, and technology platforms to drive data-driven decision-making.  
Evaluate clients’ order-to-cash processes and recommend improvements to enhance efficiency, quality, and overall productivity. Using best practice methodologies, including Lean and Six Sigma,  this covers all stages between sales opportunities to receiving cash from customers, including manufacturing.
Establish data governance frameworks to ensure data accuracy and consistency throughout the organisation. This includes recommended data integrity reports to ensure decisions are made from high quality data.